morewondersofstatia morewondersofstatia Sugar Birds Sugar birds love to eat out of coconut shells filled with sugar 19668077 Oranje Bay Shores of the Caribbean Sea with ruins of warehouses of the 1700's 19668111 Oranje Bay Oranje Bay with plenty of sands 19668112 Oranje Bay Oranje Bay a great place to swim 19668113 Oranje Bay Historical ruins of old warehouses still visible on the shores of Oranje Bay 19668114 Upper Town Streets of Upper Town 19668078 Upper Town Walking around Upper Town 19668116 Upper Town Upper town 19668079 Upper Town The historical Museum 19668119 Upper Town 19668123 Upper Town Obey all street signs, this one says do not enter, one way 19668080 Upper Town A local bank and the library on your right 19668128 Upper Town Our historical museum on the left 19668129 Jasmine Jasmine has a fragrance you will love waking up to. 19668130 Tropical Palm Tropical Palms 19668131 Flamboyant Tree Also known as the Royal Ponciana the Flamboyant Tree bloomes in July 19668132 Flamboyant blooms Flamboyant blooms 19668134 Sour Sop Sour Sop...words can not descrip the experience of taste. 19668141 Coconut Palms Coconuts a plenty 19668133 Ripe Cashew Apple The ripe Cashew Apple, eat the meaty flesh but not the nut!! 19668142