sitesofstatia sitesofstatia Avacodo Tree Plenty of fresh Avacodo's 19668063 Bananas Fresh bananas are a real treat 19668064 Bougainvillea Bougainvillea, Climbing vines with a variety of colors 19668065 Bougainvillea A burst of color; bougainvillea 19668066 Cashew Apples Cashew Apples - When the apple ripens you can enjoy a unique fruit with a flavor all its own. Do not eat the cashew,it is poisonous. 19668067 Commander Ian de Windt This historical grave is located in the Dutch Reform Church Cemetary 19668068 The Cool Corner A local bar in town that has been there for to many years to count. The walls are covered with photos of those who have visited the bar. 19668069 Restored Cottage Statia takes pride in restoring historic homes. 19668087 Restored Cottage Another restored cottage of Statia 19668088 The Court House The court house which now houses the main offices for government personel was once the Government Guesthouse. Escavations suggest the building within this compound date back to the 18th century. 19668089 The Court House The court house court yard 19668070 The Court House Courtyard The court house court yard 19668071 Starfruit Starfruit are best picked rippened from the tree 19668090 19668072 19668091 Fort Oranje The restored historical Fort Oranje 19668092 Guava Larger and Yellow when ripe, guavas are a fruit with a taste like no other. 19668093 Mangos Picking a ripe mango from the tree will spoil you. 19668094 Oleander Oleander grow easily any where on the Island, a favorite of mine as a child. 19668073 Passion Fruit Passion Fruit has a taste no one can resist 19668095 Philidendron Philidendron towers tressels in the sun and cool sea breeze 19668096 Phildendron Philidendron scale stone fencing 19668074 A view of Saba Saba in the distance taken from Ft. Oranje 19668097 A view of Saba Saba over the hill 19668098 A view of Saba Saba in the back taken from Ft. Oranje 19668099 Secret tunnel This tunnel connected the government guesthouse complex with Fort Oranje. 19668100 Sour Sop Open the sour sop and enjoy an interesting citrus flavor. Locals make a juice from this fruit. 19668075 A view of St. Barts Imagine opening your windows to a view of St. Barts. 19668076 A view of St. Barts A view of St. Barts 19668101 A view of St. Barts St. Barts in the distance 19668102 A view of St. Maarten 19668103 A view of St. Maarten St. Maarten is only an open window away 19668104 A view of St. Maarten View St. Maarten from you kitchen window 19668105 Star Fruit Star Fruit bursting with freshness and flavor right off the tree 19668106 Statia Plum Some locals make wine from the statia plum 19668107 Strolling in town Our newly restored streets make each step a step back in time. 19668108 The magnificent Quill A 2000ft. tower waiting for you to explore inside and out...The Quill 19668109 Strolling through town Why drive when you can enjoy the stroll through these streets 19668110